By ablating in our reactor pure graphite target we obtain high quality CNOs.


SEM Images


SEM images of CNOs

As can be observed by ablating the pure graphite target we obtain the raw material looks as well defined spherical shapes.





a) CNOs clustered; b) CNOs profile perpendicular to shells c) CNOs profile along of the shell

The products obtained by ablating the pure graphite target using conditions for CNOs synthesis, look like well-defined nano-onions, both individual and clustered through a matrix of amorphous carbon. As can be seen in Figure a) the diameter is between 10 and 25 nm. If we measure the graphitic interlayer distance of the CNOs from perpendicular direction to shells profile we found 0.35 nm in great agreement with the graphene monolayer thickness (Figure b). On the other hand if we analyze the profile in along of shell we found the distance between two consecutive atoms to be 0.24 nm, in good agreement with the atomic lattice on graphene Figure c)).