• The equipment is the only electrochemical workstation available with the ability to provide scientists with a 4A maximum currentrange, 80fA minimum current range (2.5 a A resolution), 10V polarization voltage and 48V of compliance voltage. Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS) capability is built-in and it has a frequency range of 10Hz to 10MHz. The increased bandwidth, to 10MHz, provides for the ability to measure electronic and ionic conductivity. Versa Studio software package allows fast and reliable data acquisition and data analysis.
  • The equipment also includes a high sensitivity Quartz Crystal Micro balance setup with weight resolution of 0,1ng/Hz developed for piezoelectric gravimetry in the ng-μg regions for monolayer weight change analysis. The equipment is ideal for Energy Storage, Physical Electrochemistry, Nanotechnology Research and Corrosion Studies applications.