• The system includes a cryocooler, cryostat with 9T superconducting magnet, variable temperature sample space, a selection of special probes for measurements of different physical properties, as well as electronics, computer and measurement software. It is a completely dry system that operate superconducting magnet and control sample temperature without the need for liquid nitrogen or liquid helium. The temperature range of the system is 1.6K – 700K.
    mCFMS incorporates:
  • Electrical transport module (DC & AC) providing a capability to perform resistance measurements, Hall voltage measurements(4-terminal configuration), I-V curves, real and imaginary parts of impedance Z:
    • Varying temperature: Z(T)
    • Varying magnetic field: Z(B)
    • Varying source current: Z(I)
  • Thermal properties module able to perform heat capacity measurements and thermal transport measurements (thermal conductivity, thermal EMF – Seebeck effect and resistivity);
  • Magnetic measurements module.
  • Optical measurement module is equipped with a special optical fiber for low temperature.



Superconductivity transition value change due to magnetic field. From left to right 0, 1, 2, 3, 4 T