The general objective of the ECOCCEALPROT project is related to the development, optimization and validation of environmentally-friendly cerium-based coatings for corrosion protection of aluminum alloys.
The specific objectives of the ECOCCEALPROT project are:
(i)        development and optimization of the novel Ce based conversion coatings through elaboration of novel procedures involving aqueous and ionic liquid based systems
(ii)        physical-chemical and structural characterization of the obtained Ce based conversion coatings;
(iii)        evaluation of the corrosion performance of the obtained Ce based conversion coatings  onto envisaged Al alloys substrates involving accelerated laboratory tests and outdoor exposure testing for at least 5000 h;
(iv)        selection of the best performing Ce based coatings and elaboration of the corresponding technologies; validation of the quality of the obtained coatings according to the the current standards in force (TRL 4)