Published/prepared scientific papers

  1. Electrochemical preparation of Ag nanoparticles involving choline chloride – glycerol deep eutectic solvents
  2. Cojocaru, O. Brincoveanu, A. Pantazi, D. Balan, M. Enachescu, T. Visan, L. Anicai, in Bulgarian Chemical Communications, Volume 49 Special Issue C (pp. 194– 204) 2017 (


  1. Electrodeposition of Co and Co composites with carbon nanotubes using
    choline chloride-based ionic liquids

    Nuno M. Pereira, Oana Brincoveanu, Aida Ghiulnare Pantazi, Carlos M. Pereira, João P. Araújo, A. Fernando Silva, Marius Enachescu, Liana Anicai, in Surface & Coatings Technology 324 (2017) 451–462. (



  • Title: Investigation of Tin-Indium Alloy Electrodeposition Involving Choline Chloride Based Ionic Liquids
  • Authors: Liana Anicai, Aurora Petica, Stefania Costovici, Danut Balan, Oana Brincoveanu, Teodor Visan
  • Meeting ECHEMS 2017 – Electrochemistry in… ingenious molecules, surfaces and devices, Milano Marittima, Italy,  6.06.2017-9.06.2017