Work packages:
Work package 1 – Synthesis and characterization of various ionic liquid eutectic mixtures formulations suitable for applications in metals and alloys electrodeposition and anodic oxidation of valve metals
WP 1 Leader: FCUP
Work package 2 – Development and characterization of corrosion resistant coatings (Cr, Ni and Co alloys with Mo and/or V, metal-CNT composites)
WP 2 Leader: FCUP
Work package 3 – Anodic oxide nanostructures on valve metals involving ionic liquids based electrolytes – electrochemical synthesis and characterization
WP 3 Leader: UPB-CSSNT
Work package 4 – Novel processes development validation and prototype systems
WP 4 Leader: DUNE
Work package 5 – Project management, coordination and dissemination
WP 5 Leader: UPB-CSSNT