The SmartLab, equipped with 9.0 kW rotating anode generator, represents a multi – purpose diffractometer, which has the ability to perform quantitative and qualitative analysis of crystalline materials (powders, thin films and bulk samples).

This system is featured with a Cross Beam Optics (CBO) technology which enables the simultaneous mounting, alignment and selection of the two available diffraction geometries, Brag-Brentano Focusing and Parallel Beam, respectively.

The compact, fail-safe radiation enclosure SmartLab is a completely automatized system allowing computer controlled fully automated optical and sample alignments, without the need of complex adjustments (reconfiguration).

The system also incorporates a high resolution theta/theta closed loop goniometer drive system and an in-plane scattering arm.

Powered by its high-grade Guidance Software, this high resolution system’s configuration unlocks the use of both Small and Ultra-Small Angle X-Ray Scattering (SAXS/U-SAXS) techniques, which provide novel information that lead to a new understanding of the material’s structure.

Due to the available broad international database and the dedicated PDXL data processing software the processing of the acquired measurements becomes more facile.

This system has many exchangeable attachments (components) which are making it suitable for various advanced applications, such as:

  • Elemental/phase identification and quantification
  • Crystalline/amorphous ratio determination
  • Particle size, shape and structural strain determination
  • Crystalline orientation determination
  • Substance’s mineral name and chemical formula identification
  • Unit cell type and lattice parameters determination