Project title: “LAB FAB for smart sensors and actuators MEMS”

Acronym: Lab4MEMS

Project type: European project


According to the outcomes of the High Level Group on KET, the main driving force behind the development of future innovative goods and services will be Key Enabling Technologies (KETs), such as nanotechnology and nanoelectronics including semiconductors.

Mastering these technologies leads to play an important role in the R&D, innovation and cluster strategies of many industries are regarded as crucial for ensuring the competitiveness of European industries in today’s knowledge economy.

During the last decade, “More than Moore” technologies have marked the largest innovation of semiconductor industry, by unleashing the major killer apps of today’s consumer, health care and industrial market (e.g. MEMS motion sensors, portable healthcare devices and robotics)

In this frame, Europe has got some well recognized leading centres of excellence on “More Than Moore” technology and, even more, it has the necessary industrial critical mass and investment scale to successfully pursue the development of innovative microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) sensors and 3D packaging