Patent pending – homemade design carbon nanomaterials synthesis chamber (carbon nanotubes, carbon nano-onions, graphene)




  • The ablation chamber for nanomaterials synthesis is a powerful equipment for the production of high quality and purity nanomaterials such as Single Wall Carbon Nanotubes(SWCNTs), Nano-onions(CNO), Graphene, etc. due to an improved “homemade design”. The chamber allows to control with high accuracy a wide range of reaction parameters:
    • temperature (up to 1300°C),
    • pressure down to 10-3 Torr
    • gas flow rate with 0.01NL/min resolution
  • Facilitating to synthetize a large variety of nanomaterials with important applications: solar cells, biosensors, hydrogen storage, nanoelectronics, smart clothing, etc.


nanomat2 nanomat3

SEM images of SWCNTs


Diameter measurement of SWCNTs by HRTEM

nanomat5 nanomat6 nanomat7

The structure of CNO revealed by HRTEM images