• The equipment allows deposition of thin films. The thickness of layers can be monitored in-situ by quartz crystal microbalance. The cube is pumped out by powerfully turbo pump down to 10-7 Torr.
  • Heating of the substrate up to 350 °C.
  • Automatic pressure adjusting by throttle valve.
  • Evaporation sources:
    • Dual thermal boat source for CUBE system (length 300mm) with one power supply (600W and W-boats).
    • 1000mm3 single pocket e-beam evaporator with 250W digital power supply, and one Mo crucible for CUBE System.
    • 2” sputter magnetron source for CUBE deposition system. Includes 720W DC power supply and cables for CUBE System.
    • 300W RF power supply and automatic matching network for CUSP source.
  • The equipment covers a wide range of coating materials (metals, semiconductors, oxides, etc.)