Project Title: ”IC Technology for the 2nm Node”

Acronym: IT2

Project Type: H2020 European Project

The overall objective of the IT2 project is to explore, develop and demonstrate technology options that are needed to realize 2nm CMOS logic technology extending the scaled Semiconductor technology roadmap to the next node in accordance to Moore’s law. These activities cover creation of Lithography equipment, new Processes & Modules and Metrology tools capable to create and deal with new 2nm node 3D structures, defect analysis, overlay and features.

The topics addressed by the program relate to the ECSEL MASP 2019 Chapter 10; “Process Technology, Equipment, Materials and Manufacturing for electronic components and systems”, with emphasis on the following major challenge “the Extension of world leadership in Semiconductor Equipment, Materials and Manufacturing solutions” and “Developing Technology for heterogeneous System-on-Chip (SoC) Integration” of the ECSEL JU Annual Work Plan 2019.

The relation of the IT2 project to world leadership regards the extension of the scaled semiconductor technology roadmaps and thereby maintain competence in advanced More Moore technology in Europe to support leading edge manufacturing.

The relation of the IT2 project to the Developing Technology for heterogeneous System-on-chip Integration comes from activities regarding “System Scaling” in which technology is developed that enables wafer-to-wafer bonding creating 3D heterogeneous solutions with the aim to resolve performance limitations in power and data congestion.

In regard to the annual work plan 2019, the IT2 project support the ECSEL JU objectives by contribution to the development of a strong and competitive Electronic Components and Systems (ECS) by involving many of the equipment and tool developers like; ASML, Zeiss, Thermo Fisher, Applied Materials, Nova, KLA along the value chain and knowledge institutes such as ARCNL, imec, PTB, TNO and TU/e. And by stimulating a dynamic ecosystem through the involvement of SMEs like IBS, Recif, Reden and Unity