Coupled with the R9 – RHK Controller which has various auxiliary I/O signal ports for customized experiments (including ultra-low noise inputs), 2 integrated lock-in amplifiers and one PLL, our Home-Built AFM Head is suitable for various AFM techniques, such as:

  • Topography/Lateral Force/Phase Imaging
  • Atomic Resolution Imaging
  • Conductive AFM Imaging
  • Scanning Polarization Force Microscopy (AC and DC)
  • Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy
  • AFM Spectroscopy (F-z Curves and I – V curves)


The AFM system is equipped with an enclosure for acoustic/electrostatic insulation and for controlled atmosphere (humidity, gas, etc.)


AFM2 Atmospheric pressure

Room temperature

Image made by viewing friction mode

Stick-slip motion of the tip over the atomic lattice

High resolution imaging of mica sample.