Project Title: ”Building the fully European supplY chain on RFSOI, enabling New RF Domains for sensing, Communication, 5G and beyond”

Acronym: BEYOND5

Project Type: European project

The overarching goal of BEYOND5 is to build a completely European supply chain for RadioFrequency Electronics enabling new RF domains for sensing, communication, 5G radio infrastructure and beyond.

BEYOND5 is first and foremost a technology project gathering most significant European actorscovering the entire value chain from materials, semiconductor technologies, designs and

components up to the systems.

BEYOND5 will support and develop the most advanced SOI technologies manufactured in Europe, namely RFSOI and FDSOI.

            5G will enable connectivity in all forms between humans, devices, machines, and any objects. Such diversity calls for a new paradigm in terms of flexibility, not only related to performance, but also in terms of scalability and cost.

5G, is one of the most critical infrastructure blocks of our digital economy and society over the next decade:

· At the application level: 5G will provide virtually ubiquitous, ultra-high bandwidth and low latency network access to individual users, as well as to all objects benefiting from being connected. 5G will be the “eyes and ears” of Artificial Intelligence systems as it will provide real-time data collection and analysis. At the same time, it will bring the “cloud” to a new dimension by enabling the distribution of computing and storage throughout the infrastructure (edge cloud, mobile edge computing). Thus, it is expected that the future 5G infrastructure will serve a wide range of commercial and industrial use cases to end consumer market needs.

 · At the societal level: 5G is a major stake of sovereignty and autonomy for the communication sector and digital infrastructures of the future. All products related to IoT, traffic, health care, supported by connectivity will benefit the European citizens in their BEYOND5 8 daily lives to improve everything from business to private affairs. Together, this will influence society as much as the smart phones did in the recent past. It is all about communication and connectivity. In this respect it is most essential, for Europe, to have full technological sovereignty with an aspect of trusted manufacturing, without dependency on foreign solutions that potentially comprise hidden agendas, e.g. embedded pernicious functionalities in commercial equipment.

In particular, connected vehicles represent a first and important step towards highly automated and autonomous vehicles (cars, trucks, aerial vehicles). Low-latency and availability are key aspects to develop reliable, secure and cost effective cyber-physical systems (V2X) for Smart Autonomous Vehicles and low-power Infrastructure (communication modules & equipment).