Project Title: The study of actinides and heavy metals interactions with proteins and developing of biosensor for detection of heavy metals

Acronym: ACHEME

Project type: EUROPEAN


Biosensors are bioanalytical and biomedical devices aiming precise measurements of quantity and/or complex molecular target function (ligand – receptor). The nano-biotehnology purpose is to develop devices with increasingly larger sensitivity and robustness, and at the same time with increasingly lower costs. A very important step in the development of biosensors is the covalent binding of the bio-molecules to the solid surface. A successful binding requires that the molecule attached (usually the receiver) retains its original configuration and recognition function. According to the structure – function relationship, it is assumed that the receiver remains functional and has kept the original structure.

The aim of the project lies both in the development of new techniques for assessing the bio-sensor surface constructed with self-assembled nanostructures (self-assambled monolayers – SAMs), and in the design and testing of bio-sensors.