Project title: “Technologies for leathers with self-protection properties by surface modification with oxide and metal nanoparticles for advanced applications”


Project type: National project


The project aims at developing leather products with advanced surface properties (self-cleaning, self-sterilization of surface and the environment, antifogging, fire resistance etc.), by applying innovative technologies for finishing leather articles with composite products containing photocatalysts based on oxide nanoparticles of TiO2/ZnO doped with metals/non-metals, active in the visible solar spectrum with multiple applications, both in the field of special purpose products (furniture upholstery in medical facilities, automotive, aircraft upholstery) and for obtaining leather products for daily use (furniture upholstery, clothing, leather goods, footwear).

The project proposal is based on the photocatalysis concept of semiconductor oxides and “green chemistry” in the development of natural leather technologies and products with advanced properties.

The topic of the project is important both as scientific research to develop knowledge in the field and in terms of current market demands for products that contribute to quality of life, consumer and environmental protection.