• Title: The influence of surface functionalization of 3D electroformed Ni metallic nanofoams on hydrogen evolution reaction during seawater electrolysis
  • Authors: Aurora Petica, Oana Tutunaru, Adrian-Cristian Manea, Marius Enachescu, Liana Anicai
  • Meeting: Annual Meeting of the International Society of Electrochemistry- Electrochemistry from Knowledge to Innovation, 2-7 September 2018, Bologna, Italy

Published/prepared scientific papers

1. Ni-Mo alloy nanostructures as cathodic materials for hydrogen evolution reaction during seawater electrolysis, Florentina Golgovici, Alexandru Pumnea, Aurora Petica, Oana Brincoveanu, Marius Enachescu, Liana Anicai, in  Chemical Papers, (2018) 72: 1889-1903,. Electrochemical Synthesis of Conducting Polymers Involving Deep Eutectic Solvents, Florentina Golgovici, Liana Anicai, Andreea Florea, Teodor Visan, in Current Nanoscience, (2019) 15: 1.